Two euros for dinner

She had sardines for dinner One euro and 99 cents A bargain Phosphorous and Vitamin D A bargain Everything your body needs to be healthy And I sit down to a meal Of lamb chops She cut the rosemary And tossed it into the pan Lamb is more expensive She gives it to her guests. She likes the sardines in their tin That ...

Fun, risk and pleasure

No longer can I stand the silence I want the roar of drums The screeching of thighs Sweat reaching even my frostiest of toes, Glitter on my eyelashes until I can’t blink I want to see crowds Strangers I already love swinging their hips Strangers I already love Since we have all chosen fun Risk, and pleasure.

The port

All my light On the red horizon I sweep away all waves, All obstacles, your course. Uncertain captain of your ship You wonder where to moor. You are not mistaken This is the harbour.

How far is the sea ?

How far is the sea ? My door opened with the tides And I gazed into the distance At the same horizon and its dry land. My door opened with the tides And I stepped down to the jetty. The sea breeze seemed then to devour me. Must we assume it is still there? Is that sea still ...

That night in Bordeaux

May it never dry up And run thin all the way down That night And tumble From the wine press to unreason From rhythm to eruption May it never end.


I never got to know Nor learnt the link To your compassion. Yet you sang loud And I heard nothing.


My endless battle Born from eternal lust That ecstasy Mine Of all potentialities And of all bodies. Our fates Unavoidably Communing.

In between

I don’t know Whether I’m adrift Or washing up Against the narrow Vagrant streets Of an ageing world.

Failing Ear

I used to hear it Falling from my hair Screeching on the floorboard Crumpling in my hand. Beaten by the wind It would often escape Unable to hold still Carried by foreign tides. He recognized me. I had aged. I wasn’t the same, I could no longer hear the noise of the sand.

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