My loss

Don’t you see it? Falling, straight down, behind the window Incessantly, falling, while you still wait For its wings to pick it up again. What is wrong with it, What is it failing to do To finally fly? Why, as you speak, must I bear witness To its demise? Has it not met its end In total silence? A black stain ...

The end of lockdown

I didn’t get enough sun Maybe not enough of your voice I wanted to tell you that with each second Time moves backwards As if each wave was rushing away from the shore. I am deep inside the wait With all the time in the world.


I want to know why warmth leaves me before fire Why I am cold before diving Why I pant when my breath is long Why I tremble before I fall I want to know why I stumble before getting up again When, deep under water, my body and I continue to tread Insubmersible.

Farewell butterflies

The sky with sea overlaid Your body and its opposite That distance between life and your anger Sudden heat on dry lips Farewell butterflies.

All those memories

From the brown bricks of a very square courtyard To the cold railings of the balconies Geraniums after geraniums That one crucifix staring into my soul All those nuns on the plaza My bastard unbaptized body walking across it Who knows what I’ll become Jasmine on her flying carpet Cinderella and her prince charming Jack London on the Excelsior. That ...

It’s my favourite season

It was warm Where I had come from When he said It’s my favourite season The trees, their leaves barely green And this wintery breeze While you talk It’s my favourite season The sun for light And the heat of the train The tracks taking us home.

It will not snow

I so mused of ice So hoped a turn of phrase would suffice For snow to appear That I cannot imagine the return of spring.

The cat

You too perch at the very West And gaze at the city Maybe you’re searching for the one you loved In that narrow silver street Maybe you too are reflecting on who you are When, dissolved in the crowd, you look up Wondering about these people who live so far apart? You kept both black and white ...

We will be relentless

We must start everything over Go back to basics To pleasure To consent To abandon To giving To fever To risk To loyalty And start everything over Until we get trust Until we gain equality.

Nothing to prove

If my skin is no longer taut If my back is curved from toil And sleeplessness If I forget to remove a blackhead on my nose because my sight is blurred If my poorly laced shoes flop like sandals If grey overruns black in my hair And slowness supplants passion If my skin no longer sees the ...

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