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I am a poet, a writer and a street artist.

I started writing at the age of 7. During my teenage years I won regional and national poetry prizes. Due to winning a national short story I joined the junior jury of the Jules Verne’s Adventure Film Festival in 2007.

I studied French and comparative literature along with comparative philosophy and political science at Sciences Po Grenoble. I studied abroad for a year at the National University of Singapore and also at Beijing Culture and Language University. During this period I also travelled extensively, exploring South East-Asia, Europe and China.
In Beijing I worked as a journalist for Le Monde and Radio France. As is normal with French media, as a stagiaire or “trainee”, I received no salary. You can listen to several interviews I’ve done in English with internationally renowned artist Ai Weiwei and film director Lou Ye.

I came back to France in 2012 and settled in Paris. I had just finished my book Impressions de Pékin (Impressions of Beijing), which was published two years later by Les Xérographes, a publisher based in the 18th arrondissement of Paris. It has recently been translated into Mandarin Chinese by Jing Chen.
Because I had a difficult life in Paris (I couldn’t find a proper job, only short-term contracts were available and the work I could get didn’t pay sufficiently), I decided to pursue writing poems and started pasting them on the streets. In the beginning, I didn’t sign my work. Later on, I started to sign them with my initials: “NM”. Now I paste everywhere I go, and also where I don’t go (Tahiti and Martinique). Here is an example.

Pasting my poems on the street allowed for reactions: people would add verses or change them, or draw or write something very often related to the meaning of the poem. Several exhibitions were set up with all the pictures I took of my poems: at the public library Bibliothèque Fessart in the arrondissement of Paris; in the design shop Des Etendues, also in the 19th arrondissement; and at my publisher, Atelier Les Xérographes, during the Grape Harvest Feast (Fête des Vendanges). Later on in Bordeaux (where I now live), the exhibition was hosted at two art galleries: Galerie 61 and Galerie Triptÿque.

I organise writing workshops. One of the biggest project I’ve done so far with these workshops is “Gloire à nos souvenirs” implying kids from Centre d’animation and the Museum of Aquitaine. In 2016 I travelled to Uruguay and pasted my poems, in both French and Spanish, in Montevideo.

I hosted a poetry and music radio show on La Clé des Ondes, an independent radio in Bordeaux (90.1FM).
Two other books got published: Perceptions, Ed. L’éphémère, Bordeaux, 2020 and Le journal d’Elvire, Ed. Le bord de l’eau, Bordeaux, 2019.
My first novel “Men are not there” (Les hommes sont absents, Ed. Lanskine, Paris) will come out this spring 2023.
It’s feminist and talks about my grand-mother and my mother raised and born while Spain was Franquist.
Hopefully all my books will be translated into English soon so you’ll be able to read them.
The French part of this website has much more material, I advise you to try the French version. I’ll do my best to translate and update this part as soon as I can.

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