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I am a poet, a writer and a street artist.

I started writing at the age of 7. During my teenage years I won regional and national poetry prizes. Due to winning a national short story I joined the junior jury of the Jules Verne’s Adventure Film Festival in 2007.

I studied French and comparative literature along with comparative philosophy and political science at Sciences Po Grenoble. I studied abroad for a year at the National University of Singapore and also at Beijing Culture and Language University. During this period I also travelled extensively, exploring South East-Asia, Europe and China.
In Beijing I worked as a journalist for Le Monde and Radio France. As is normal with French media, as a stagiaire or “trainee”, I received no salary. You can listen to several interviews I’ve done in English with internationally renowned artist Ai Weiwei and film director Lou Ye.

I came back to France in 2012 and settled in Paris. I had just finished my book Impressions de Pékin (Impressions of Beijing), which was published two years later by Les Xérographes, a publisher based in the 18th arrondissement of Paris. It has recently been translated into Mandarin Chinese by Jing Chen.
Because I had a difficult life in Paris (I couldn’t find a proper job, only short-term contracts were available and the work I could get didn’t pay sufficiently), I decided to pursue writing poems and started pasting them on the streets. In the beginning, I didn’t sign my work. Later on, I started to sign them with my initials: “NM”. Now I paste everywhere I go, and also where I don’t go (Tahiti and Martinique). Here is an example.

Pasting my poems on the street allowed for reactions: people would add verses or change them, or draw or write something very often related to the meaning of the poem. Several exhibitions were set up with all the pictures I took of my poems: at the public library Bibliothèque Fessart in the arrondissement of Paris; in the design shop Des Etendues, also in the 19th arrondissement; and at my publisher, Atelier Les Xérographes, during the Grape Harvest Feast (Fête des Vendanges). Later on in Bordeaux (where I now live), the exhibition was hosted at two art galleries: Galerie 61 and Galerie Triptÿque.

I organise writing workshops. One of the biggest project I’ve done so far with these workshops is “Gloire à nos souvenirs” implying kids from Centre d’animation and the Museum of Aquitaine. In 2016 I travelled to Uruguay and pasted my poems, in both French and Spanish, in Montevideo.

I host a poetry and music radio show every third Monday of the month on La Clé des Ondes, an independent radio in Bordeaux (90.1FM). Although I read in French, the music selected by Sol Hess is international.
My first novel will come out end of 2022. It’s feminist and talks about my grand-mother and my mother raised and born while Spain was Franquist.
Hopefully all my books will be translated into English soon so you’ll be able to read them.

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