I want

I want the fridge, full,
I want the sea, I want the mountains, I want peace
I want trees, breezes, birds,
I want a view, the horizon
The sun,
I want outings, I want friendships
I want those discoveries
You keep to yourself
I want new socks
Waterproof shoes
Ironed sheets
And to be able to answer “I’m fine”
I want to walk through your super rich ghetto
Believe it isn’t all about summer
And that you haven’t hired that security regiment
To guard the lawn you water three times a day.
I want to think about something other than paying the bills
I want to dream my way through your opulent days and nights
I want work and I want holidays
I want love and I want children.
Oh ! I also want that future,
The one you’ve already bought for yourself
I want you to make room for me
You the plunderer, robber, the selfish criminal
I want you to understand
Before it’s too late.

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